Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Rarotonga Writing

       What:WALT use our senses (hearing, smell, touch, taste and sight) to describe our thoughts, experiences and feelings

       So what:I learnt to us (I see,I smell,I hear,I feel)

       Now what:I should use more punctuation in my writing

                 Hear is an example

I could see the silvery blue fish jumping out of the water as I ran nervously down the sand to go snorkeling. The warm water changed to cool as I swam further out. The fish swam fast away from my family but came to me. I could see a giant Nemo hiding in some sea sponge. I feel the fishes tail as it swims off. It felt briskly and slimy.The snorkeling was wonderful I cant wait to go back someday!!!!!

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