Monday, 19 October 2015

Writing Prove It

My prove it writing paragraph.

Do you think that its fair that kids have to wait till the weekend and holidays to go on cool adventures and make cool memories? How are we meant to have a fun time if we are always at school and school goes for ages. Because face it school is boring and you would rather be playing with your friends and family. By the time school has finished some people need to catch the bus home and can't hang out with anyone because there isn't enough time. Also how can we do our homework when there's no time after school with the other activities we are involved with outside of school.

I'm at Extended Abstract because I have done everything in my writing that I had to achieve and I have put it on my blog.

Goals Reflection Term 4

1.) Improve in writing, reading and maths.      I think with this goal I have improved quite well. I am getting better at learning the strategies and not giving up when I am really struggling to understand.
         2.) Spelling and remembering.      I think that I'm only doing better in half this goal. I'm still not so good at remembering but I'm getting better at spelling.
        3.)Being a better role model.      I think that I have/am being a good role model because I have been wearing my hat and respectfully reminding others to do so.