Thursday, 25 September 2014

Election Discusion

On September 20th, New Zealand citizens will be voting in the 2014 election. The nine parties competing all have different polices and who will you be persuaded by.

Economy=When businesses make a lot of money everyone benefits even the poor. They Economy is a big issue around this time. United Future, National, Mana, Act and Maori all strongly agree. In contrast Green strongly disagree. On the other hand Labour, NZ first and conservative aren't 100% sure.


Here is Tamara and I helping out in Peer Mediation
This is us being Peer Mediators

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Last Thursday I had Peer Mediation with Sophie and Iona. An example of a problem we solved was with two little boys who wanted to play a game with each other. 

One boy (boy 1) wanted to play tag and the other boy (boy 2) wanted to play soccer. Boy 1 said that soccer was for stupid people. Boy 2 then started shouting and ran away. 

We helped by gathering them both up and let them 1 by 1 tell their own story of what happened. After that we asked if they were friends and they both said yes. We all came up with a soulation was that every 5 minutes they would play the other game.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Writing-My parody

I was just sitting there having a cup of tea on a usual Sunday afternoon. Then I looked out of my bubble home and to my surprise standing there was a massive wolf.
"AHHH" I yelled and galloped to my brothers house. When I arrived he was very confused and I tried to explain but words weren't coming out of my mouth. Finally I did spoke and I said "at least we will be safe in you brick home".        

M goal was vocabulary. I showed vocabulary it the blue parts.
I think that I'm at Relational because I can pick good words to use but I can't work with very much feedback.

Leadership Peer Mediation

Today I was being a Peer Mediator at lunch. This was one of the problems: One boy got a ball from his class room then a another boy took his ball. He got really mad and started yelling and screaming at the other boy. The other boy got really sad and got me, the peer mediator.