Friday, 21 March 2014

Rosie and Emma

Rosie and I played 10 guitars on ukulele. At the moment I think I can play 10 guitars because I know all the chords and all the words. I have really improved on changing the chords. My next step is changing to G7.

Friday, 14 March 2014

My Body Paragraph 1 And My Conclusion

Paragraph 1
The NZ flag colours don't represent NZ and it has no national icons to make our flag stand out like the kiwi, sheep,marmite and other icons. NZs flag has to much blue and not enough white. It needs some WAAZAAM. Country's have changed their flag and we have done it before so we can now. People who don't want the flag changed might like the new look who knows. People say they shouldn't because of the money and the time we can make up for the money because of the bills we pay because we pay heaps of money!We can all have a vote and everybody likes voting because you get a say and it's fun!

I believe that the flag should be changed so we can include National icons and our true colours. It needs some WAAZAAM and the money we spend on it can be payed back because of the bills we pay.We can make a difference it would be a nice change!

This writing shows persuasive words and phrases. For example in the first paragraph I used NZ flag don't represent NZ. I used WAAZAAM. In the conclusion I used. I believe that... Include National icons and our true colours. We can make a difference it would be a nice changed!

I hope you enjoyed!

Friday, 7 March 2014

My Artwork

                I divided my colours by using dark black lines. It shows where my objects finish. 
The colours suit the landscape for example:The river is purple and the sun is red. It sands out 
and the purple river drags the attention.
I have simple shapes for example:The sun the rocks and the clouds. The clouds are yellow and that's unusual. 
Hope you like it!